December 9, 2022

What Is Key Control And Why Is It Important

Key Control is a system of security that you can use to monitor the keys used by your business. It will help you ensure that your keys are utilized only by authorized employees.
The rising threat of cybercrime has made people make an effort to improve security for information as well as the use of advanced security measures. But, accidentally handling keys made from metal could put your business at risk, even if you have advanced security measures in place.
Key control systems that you decide to implement will include procedures you can follow in case you suspect keys were stolen or fallen into dangerous hands. It will also ensure that the keys you use to your business's account cannot be duplicated without authorization.

Which Are The Main Reasons Why You Need A Patent Key Control System

A patent-pending system for controlling keys is the best method of ensuring that your keys won't be duplicated by people who aren't authorized to do so.
Through a patent-pending method, keys are available to the locksmith dealer directly from the manufacturer. The locksmith retailer is held accountable.
Beware of keys that have an inscription that reads "Do not copy." The key must be able to meet the requirements of an original key-control system, which is patent-pending. The only security you can get is the impression of security. To establish a thorough key control system, you should collaborate with a Locksmith Toronto expert who is licensed to sell patent-pending products to control keys.

What Locksmiths Can Do To Assist By Giving Control Of Keys

A Locksmith is a professional tradesman who works with a variety of locks. A Locksmith uses various techniques to open, repair and fit locks to various buildings, offices, and cars. Locks Repair Brampton offers services to people who are locked out, who have lost their keys, who need keys cut, or for changing locks. A locksmith is trained to do more than just copy keys. They're experts who will work with you in the creation of an efficient system to protect the security of your business.
Ask yourself these questions to discover whether your business requires the aid of a locksmith that can control the use of keys:

Do You Give Out The Keys To Employees

If the employee is missing keys, can they duplicate the keys of a coworker?
If you're not certain about the answer to any of these questions, it's an idea to engage an expert locksmith to assist you to develop a key control system for your business.
Do you configure the key control system for your Key Control System
These steps will help you in determining how to develop a comprehensive crucial control strategy

Start In Keying System Patented Keying System

A stamp that says "Do Not Duplicate" on your keys won't help if you're not paying attention to the distribution. It is better to inquire about a service with the designation of a Utility Patent.
A lock with a patent-pending status means keys are only accessible to the locksmith that created the keys. The locksmith can only make duplicates only for those with the authority to maintain the keys under their control.

Make Sure That You're In Constant With Your Locksmith

Meet with a reliable locksmith to develop the key control program. For example, Richmond Security has trained locksmiths that are proficient in key residential and commercial keys.
Locksmiths can aid in the creation of an effective master system of keys. In this way, you'll have keys that serve different purposes. It could be set up for the owners, employees, and night staff who can be assigned different degrees of entry to various areas of your business.

Offer Your Locksmith An Authorized List Of Personnel

The locksmith you choose will require a complete list of locksmiths allowed to create duplicate keys. Your keys will be safe from being copied at the local store by any other person who has the keys.

Make New Keys

You should always be aware of who has copies of your key and the number of copies available. This is easy to monitor with the help of key management software, which is specifically designed to work with the specific system you have.

Ask Staff To Sign An Agreement With Keyholders

Every keyholder who's an established member of your business should sign a keyholder's contract. The contract will require them to promptly inform you of lost keys, and also to give their keys back in case they choose to leave the business.
If you are experiencing a high turnover rate, it is advised to establish an effective process to make sure that you receive the keys returned from the employees who quit.

Last thoughts about Key Control

Implementing a key control plan for your business requires the investment of time, effort, and energy of you, your trusted locksmith, and your staff.
Richmond Security has a pre-designed Key Control Policy that can be easily modified and utilized in conjunction with your security strategy.
The security level is well worth the cost to have a master key system with only duplication access permitted and peace of mind for both you and your employees.